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This department is responsible for athletics districtwide, including school athletic departments and coaches, the Schedule E budget and procedures, and the District's Dedicated Bus Fleet budget and procedures.

Board of Education (CPS website)

Curriculum & Instruction

Data Governance

Early Childhood Education (Preschool) 


General Counsel

The General Counsel Office is responsible for providing and coordinating legal services for Cincinnati Public Schools and the Board of Education. 

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for employee recruitment, hiring, staffing, evaluation and other related management issues.

Information and Technology Management (ITM)

Internal Audit

Core Services

This department assists the Board of Education and District Administration in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by furnishing them with recommendations on strengthening internal controls of activities reviewed. Internal Audit works with objectivity, being independent from daily operations to deliver an unbiased viewpoint and fairly assess, with integrity, how processes are working. Auditors provide a valuable perspective by being able to analyze current processes to highlight what is working well and where there is room for improvement.

ITM, Research and Evaluation

This department oversees the reporting of data to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE); reviews and provides training on the State report cards; and assists with the development of policies and procedures to ensure useful and accurate data collection. The department also works with schools to analyze their performance data, to assist in identifying strengths and areas where there is room for improvement. This department also supports testing and assessment in grades Preschool through grade 12 across CPS' more than 60 schools.

Marketing and Communications Office

The Marketing and Communications Office works to support student achievement by communicating effectively with our district's many stakeholders — parents, students, employees and the community. 

Nonpublic Schools Services / Auxiliary Services

This department is responsible for the oversight of state and federal funds allocated to chartered nonpublic schools in Ohio, to purchase secular, neutral, and nonideological services such as speech and hearing services, remedial reading and math, psychological services, computer software and technology related to Internet access, mathematics and science equipment and materials, instructional materials and school library supplies.

      Positive School Culture & Safety

      This department supports district implementation of Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Bully Prevention, Restorative Approaches to Discipline, and Truancy Prevention. This department provides specific guidance and assistance to schools across these areas, as well as leads behavioral assessment and accountability efforts at the district and building-levels to ensure progress and data-based decisions are made.


      Safety Services 

      Secondary Education

      This office houses the Community Learning Center Engagement team.

      Student Affairs/Discipline

      This office handles student discipline, including the appeals process, and oversees the Alternative to Suspension (A2S) and Alternative to Expulsion (A2E) programs.

      Student Dining Services 

      This department feeds our students — to the tune of more than 4 million lunches a year, including summer meals, and more than 2 million breakfasts a year.  

      Student Services

      Core Services

      This department provides instruction and supports for students with special needs, with a strong array of innovative practices and high-quality services focused on preparing all students for life.

      School Health has key information including school nurses, School-Based Health Centers, COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

      Talent Development

      This department coordinates Teacher Development, Employee Experience Opportunities, Leadership Development and Talent Management within CPS.


      This department coordinates service to 124 Cincinnati Public Schools, charter schools and private schools within the 91-square-mile CPS district: 350 yellow school buses cover 1,275 routes daily, carrying about 12,000 elementary students, and Metro buses carry 11,550 high school students daily.


      The Treasurer's Office is responsible for all accounting, payroll and financial reporting requirements; preparation of the annual budget; and the publication of an annual report. The Treasurer also serves as Secretary to the Board of Education.