Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Employees' Frequently Asked Questions — Return To In-Person Learning March 2021

What should I do if I cannot get enough subs to cover staff absences?

Please put all Teachers absences in Frontline (AESOP) ASAP. If a Principal has concern with substitute coverage, should contact Paul McDole to review options.  

What should I do if I have para vacancies that are still unfilled?

Human Resources has been contacting Principals with vacancies and providing applicants for interview as soon as they become available.

What are staff leave options now that FFCRA has expired?

CPS has returned to the Blended Learning Model for students and staff. Below are options if you cannot report to your assigned building due to COVID-19 related reasons:



Staff who cannot return to work due to being diagnosed with COVID-19 or advised to self-isolate/quarantine.

Leave through The Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act expired December 31, 2020. Staff diagnosed with COVID-19 or advised to self-isolate/quarantine must use their sick leave to remain in active pay status.

Staff who cannot report to work due to child care reasons related to COVID-19.

The child care leave that was available through The Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act also expired December 31, 2020. Employees can request an unpaid leave of absence to address their child care needs. The leave of absence cannot be taken intermittently, it must be continuous.

Staff who cannot report to work due to being in a vulnerable population for COVID-19.

Staff who are in a vulnerable population for COVID-19 are eligible to take an unpaid leave of absence.

Staff who cannot report to work until they receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Individuals who cannot report to their building until they receive the COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for an unpaid leave of absence. 

Staff requesting remote work due to COVID-19 related reasons (For Mondays only, please see Question Number 4 in the FAQ.) 

Employees must receive approval to work remotely. The need to work remotely will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that it is the expectation of the District that staff report to their assigned building(s).

Has anything changed with quarantines?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines "fully vaccinated" as someone who is two weeks past their last dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and under 90 days. If an employee is exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual during this time frame, the employee may be exempt from quarantine if they can provide documentation for their vaccination status to the COVID Hotline. If such documentation cannot be provided, then the employee will need to quarantine for 10 days from the last exposure to the COVID positive individual.

Nothing has changed for student quarantines (14 days).

Has anything changed with 6' distancing?

Physical distancing to the maximum extent possible but may not be 6'.

Can teachers be notified if one of their students test positive, and/or notified of when students are permitted to return after isolation/quarantine?

Principals will be getting a report every Monday which will give the return to school dates for students. Principals can share with staff that a student is out and expected to return on XX/XX date. We are not permitted to release information about test results.

I need more masks, who can I contact?

Email Steve Knapik.

I need more thermometers or batteries, who can I contact?

Email Steve Knapik.

What safety protocols will be followed for students and staff in buildings?

Cincinnati Public Schools' safety protocols are outlined in the Employee COVID-19 Guide, posted on MyCPS.

How do employees report health and safety violations?

Call 363-0671 to report violations of CPS' Safety Protocols seen in Cincinnati Public Schools' buildings.

I have COVID-19-related questions. Where is best place to go?

Go to Employee COVID-19 Information on MyCPS, the CPS employee website, for up-to-date information about COVID-19 employee questions. You must be signed into your CPS google account to access the information.

What should I do if I don't feel well?

Employees should stay home if they are feeling sick, and report their sick leave to their supervisor by following proper reporting procedures.

What if I start feeling sick while at work?

Employees who become sick during the work day or who have symptoms when they arrive at work will be sent home and asked to contact their supervisor to report their illness.

Will teachers get lunch breaks if students eat in the classrooms?

Teachers will be with students during their lunch break, and then we will make sure that teachers can take breaks at different times.

What if students don't wear masks?

Requirement To Wear Masks To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19.

How often will cleaning kits in classrooms be replenished?

CPS has a process in place for requesting additional cleaning supplies within each building. When a classroom needs more, the supplies can be requested. Staff will not need to bring in their own supplies.