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Welcome to the Cincinnati Public Schools Online Employee Resource

Here are some basic resources for you to fulfill requirements that are required by Cincinnati Public Schools. Here you will find links to and information about:

  • Employee Portal — Employee Online (EOL)
  • Safe Schools Online Training
  • ITM Required Forms
  • ITM Help Desk
  • Login page to CPS Resources

Business PLUS Employee Online Portal — Employee Online (EOL)

EMPLOYEE ONLINE (EOL) is the Cincinnati Public School District's intranet product that gives you the ability to view and manage your Human Resources and Payroll Data.

Some advantages of EMPLOYEE ONLINE are:

  • AddEmergencyContacts
  • View Personal Information
  • View and Print Your Check Stubs.

To ensure your privacy we have selected a unique password for you to use when you first access Employee Online. When you access this site you will be required to enter both your EMPLOYEE ID number and your INITIAL PASSWORD. The system will force you to change your initial password immediately after you first log in.

Here is your information:


Your employee ID for Business PLUS is the letter "E" plus your current 5-digit employee number. Your employee number can be found on your current check or pay stub.


  • Current Employee: 34647; Employee Online User: E34647
  • Current Employee: 7995; Employee Online User: E07995
  • INITIAL PASSWORD: Your Full SSN (no dashes)

Your new password must include both alpha/numeric characters and can be no longer than 6 to 12 characters. Employee Online will not allow for spaces or special characters (!,/@#). Once you have established a new password, you will be prompted to re-enter your employee id number and new password in order to access your personal data. Because this username and password allows access to your private information, be sure to protect it diligently.

The system will only allow three attempts to match your password to your employee ID number. If you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot Login" link to have a new password sent to your CPS email account. If you still cannot login please call the Help Desk at (513) 363-0390 to have your account re-set.

Safe Schools Online Training

Cincinnati Public Schools is using to offer training courses online for your convenience. Follow these easy steps to complete your Cincinnati Public Schools safety training requirements:

Using your web browser, go to the SafeSchools website for Cincinnati Public Schools. 

Enter your Username: Eemployeeid

First Time users (and password resets) need to set up their own password — do so utilizing the "Forgot Login" link on the SafeSchools login page.

Once you log into the site, click on a course title to begin the training. Each course has audio, so be sure to turn up your speakers if you'd like to listen. You must complete each section of the course in order to receive full credit.

Your Cincinnati Public Schools SafeSchools contact: CPS HelpDesk at 513-363-0390

Information Technology Online Forms

Certain forms are required to be submitted.

Need Help?

Contact the ITM Help Desk: (513) 363-0390

  • Option 1: Applications Help—PowerSchool, Google, etc.
  • Option 2: I.T. Service Desk—Network Issue, Hardware Issue, Student Password Reset
  • Option 3: Audio/Visual—Leave a detailed message for assistance.
  • Option 4: Express option for a simple password reset

Logins to frequently visited employee resources.