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Are there coworkers you know who exemplify the "I am CPS" core values at work? Give them a "Shout Out" and nominate them for an I am CPS award. 

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Marija Dunatov, School Psychologist, Sayler Park Elementary — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Marija goes above and beyond when it comes to new students entering our schools! She reaches out to previous school districts to obtain as much information about students' academic/service history. The same goes for when students leave our school and/or district. She reaches out to service providers and staff to provide as much information to assist with a smooth transition to their new school and always makes herself available for questions for new and previous students. She cares about the needs of our students and gathers as much information for staff to be able to use a multi-factored approach to establishing services and accommodations accordingly!"

—Shouted out by Candy Rozier, Intervention Specialist, Sayler Park Elementary

Sarah Morales, Manager of World Languages, Curriculum and Instruction — I Care, I Collaborate, I Commit to Success

"On the first day of school Ms. Morales came to our building to see how things were going and to see if we needed anything. When I mentioned we were short staff that day, she jumped in to serve in preschool and kindergarten classes for over four hours."

—Shouted out by Jack Core, Principal, North Avondale Montessori

Traci Hobbs and Patricia Booker, Senior Support Specialists, AMIS — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"They both are patient, professional workers that go the extra mile in everything they do. They are great team players, respectful and easy to work with!"

—Shouted out by Victor Canel Jr., Paraprofessional, Hartwell Elementary School

Paula Dornbusch, 4th grade Math Teacher & 3–4 Team Leader, Rees E. Price — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Ms. Dornbusch drops whatever she's doing to help any of her colleagues. She also always wants to make sure that our team of teachers (the entire staff) is collaborating to make our school as great as possible."

—Shouted out by Kathie Klodell, Teacher, Rees E. Price

Michael Turner, Career and Technical Education Manager, Office of Secondary Education — I Collaborate, I Commit to Success

"Mr. Michael Turner is always willing to step in and assist our school district with meeting goals. While he serves as the District's Career and Technical Education Manager, he is always willing to pitch in and help others. Some examples of his collaborative style and commitment to success includes: supporting all schools with the creation and implementation of the master schedule, assisting with summer graduation, participating as a member of the My Tomorrow Team and the My Tomorrow Steering Committee, leading the CTE Advisory Team and being key to the hard work of the Teacher Allocation Committee."

—Shouted out by Shauna Murphy, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, Superintendent's Office

Daniel Caproni, Lead Math Teacher, Western Hills University High School — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

Daniel Caproni"Daniel Caproni Cares about his students, he goes the extra mile to meet with students one-on-one to help them receive necessary instruction to improve their grades. As the Math Department Chair and ILT representative, he is committed to teacher Collaboration and promotes Collaboration not only in the math department but throughout the entire school building. He is striving to Continuously improve with his math YouTube channel that he's constantly reflecting on and improving to support his instruction. He is Committed to Success and shows it by using a PDSA in his classroom to ensure the success of his students. He also submitted videos for CPS TV to support the Success of students districtwide. Daniel Caproni demonstrates the I AM CPS core values!!"

—Shouted out by Leslie Lyles, Math & Curriculum Instructional Coach, District Math Department

Holly Irby, Algebra Teacher, Western Hills University High School — I Care, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

Holly Irby"Holly Irby is a Warm Demander that shows she cares in how she speaks to students, sets high expectations for learning, and how her passion for teaching comes across to students. She continuously improves her instruction each year by developing innovative ways to successfully educate students synchronously or asynchronously, by learning new technologies that engages ALL students in learning Algebra. Ms. Irby is committed to success because she's always attending professional development to support her work in the classroom and she actually implements what she learns to benefit her students. Holly Irby demonstrates the I Am CPS core values every day as a Math teacher at Western Hills High School!"

—Shouted out by Leslie Lyles, Math & Curriculum Instructional Coach, District Math Department

Dr. Dawn Williams, Math Curriculum Manager, District Math Department — I Care, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

Dawn Williams"Dr. Dawn Williams cares about CPS teachers and students and shows it with the countless hours spent to ensure that teachers and students have the necessary materials and resources to be successful. She collaborates with CPS teachers, Administration, and stakeholders to develop plans and implement action steps that will make CPS a more equitable institution. She is continously improving by attending conferences, webinars, and reading scholarly books and articles to help her own growth as a CPS leader. She displays her commitment to success when she shares her knowledge with coaches, teachers, and admin to support their growth. She also does an outstanding job mentoring and leading many CPS teacher leaders to become change agents to improve education in Cincinnati Public Schools. Dr. Dawn Williams demonstrates the I AM CPS Core Values on a daily basis!"

—Shouted out by Leslie Lyles, Math & Curriculum Instructional Coach, District Math Department

All Cincinnati Digital Academy Staff & Teachers, Cincinnati Digital Academy — I Care, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"I can't begin to cover how amazed I am at the CDA staff. They were inundated with thousands of calls and emails before school even began. The original staff started working in the summer to get ready and start answering calls and emails. Not once did they hesitate because their focus is always what is best for students and families. They continue to work all hours of the day and night to help the hundreds of students assigned to their courses so that students will not have their learning interrupted. They deserve thanks from all the schools for taking in their students and treating them as their own. I for one say thank God for them. I should know because I took my grandson out of Walnut and put him in CDA."

—Shouted out by Rebecca Neighborgall, Math Teacher, Virtual High School

Elizabeth Bronner, 3rd Grade Math and Science, Kilgour Elementary — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

Elizabeth Bronner"Elizabeth is the BEST teammate I could ever hope to work with. She represents every one of our CPS core values. She is one of the hardest working people I know, always working into the evening and on weekends. She has that brain that can come up with schedules that work for our team, while also taking into consideration the bigger picture of the entire school. She makes sure parents are well informed and incorporates ideas that ensure that students have a positive 3rd grade experience. If something we're doing isn't working, she comes up with another way to get it done. I am so appreciative of all that she does for our team! I have learned so much from her, and value not only her commitment to our school and team, but also as one of my closest friends."

—Shouted out by Ann Kroger, 3rd Grade ELA and SS, Kilgour Elementary

Terrez Thomas, Principal, Carson Elementary — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

Terrez Thomas"Shout Out to Principal Thomas at Carson Elementary! We are so grateful and appreciative of his leadership at our school. Happy National Principals Month! He demonstrates the I Care through his flexibility with feedback and seeking multiple perspectives. He show the I Collaborate value by valuing the work of committees and teams of leaders to make school-based decisions. He shows the I Continuously Improve value by always seeking feedback and reflecting on his leadership. We strive ourselves to be more data-driven and Principal Thomas includes his leadership in that practice as well. He shows the I Commit to Success value by celebrating his staff and holding us all to high expectations for our students, families and fellow colleagues. We are so lucky to have a genuine, vision-driven leader who deeply cares about success for ALL students, families and staff."

—Shouted out by Kaitlin Dauner, Assistant Principal, Carson Elementary

Mary McCormick, Paraprofessional, Academy of World Languages (AWL) — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Mary has stepped in to support our Kindergarten team and one class in particular. She has stepped in to cover the opening of a classroom while learning how to do this remotely. She has given her energy and time to increasing her technology skills while leading others in her group through the same pathway. She has engaged our newest students and started their school year off successfully. She embodies every core value listed and has shown exceptional skills in each of them."

—Shouted out by Jackie Rowedder, Principal, Academy of World Languages (AWL)

Shawn League, Facilities Operation Supervisor, Facilities — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Shawn League has gone above and beyond to accommodate and support the Athletic Department as we transitioned to return to play and return to competition. Shawn did not hesitate to demonstrate each of the IAmCPS Core Values when asked for help. He quickly met with us at stadiums to make sure all venues were cleaned and prepared for our students to compete. He made sure that our department and all of our schools had all of the necessary equipment and health and safety items at our venues. All of this at a time that he was running in a million different directions for our schools and staff in the district. His actions showed how much he CARED, his willingness to COLLABORATE with many of our staff and IMPROVE our ability to provide for our students and schools. Shawn truly embodied all of our core values and is committed to SUCCESS. Thank you Shawn!"

—Shouted out by Josh Hardin, Athletics Manager, Athletics Department

Terri Burch, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Fairview-Clifton German Language School — I Care, I Continuously Improve

"Terri Burch is an amazing educator! When faced with losing face-to-face instructional minutes with students due to the shift to the hybrid model, Terri volunteered to provide all of her services online. This will enable her to serve her students with greater flexibility on days when her students will have very direct little contact with their teachers otherwise. She solved two problems at once — how to serve her students without pulling them from core classes AND how to give students more face-to-face support with their teachers. Innovative and caring!"

—Shouted out by Stephen Sippel, Principal, Fairview-Clifton German Language School

Lauren Borcherding, MD Lead Teacher, Roselawn Condon — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Lauren is the go to person for everyone in the MD Department at Roselawn. She works tirelessly to help others while having a full plate herself. She solves problems pre-emptively and does an amazing job of making everyone feel like they matter. She goes above and beyond for every kiddo in our classroom and taught me to always presume competence in our kiddos. I am beyond blessed to work with such an amazing teacher."

—Shouted out by Nicole Goodson, Paraprofessional, Roselawn Condon

Kami Hill, Co-Lead Psychologist, Department of Student Services — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

Bitmoji image of Kami Hill"Kami has been instrumental in guiding the School Psychologists through these uncharted territories with her continued professionalism, creativity, passion, responsiveness, optimism and model of adaptation in supporting our staff, our schools, our students and our families. I can't express the gratitude I feel in knowing that she is never long in responding to the atypical scenarios we present to her on a daily basis while also welcoming input from our large staff. She continues to correct mistakes without blame, lead with confidence, prioritize the interests of the group above herself, and demonstrate authentic interest in the well-being of all. She keeps us informed and I love her often repeated exclamation, 'Stay Tuned!'"

—Shouted out by Patty Moore, School Psychologist, Gamble Montessori High School

Brandy Davis, Lead Secretary, Oyler — I Care

"Brandy records the robo call messages that go out to Oyler families. Her messages to families are always full of excitement and passion. Her voice is like a breath of fresh air. I am certain families stop to listen to what she has to tell them."

Shouted out by Eric King, Director of IT Applications, ITM

Christopher Gibson, Orchestra Teacher, Walnut Hills High School/Spencer School — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Chris Gibson has a lot on his plate. He is first a parent of 3 children under the age of 6 and a loving husband. Secondly, he works at two different schools that each have their own demands to teach the children to the best of his ability. He works to make sure that all of his students have the best on-line experience. He knows that teaching his students at both schools is his number one priority and has always been. Now, though, he knows that innovative techniques are being introduced to the on-line teaching platform and he is more than willing to embrace them. Not only is he more than willing to learn new techniques to teach, but he is willing to teach and demonstrate to me the new technology that is so important to the success of our students."

—Shouted out by John Caliguri, Music Department Chair, Walnut Hills High School

Amy Johnson, Fifth Grade Teacher/Tech Queen, Chase Elementary — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Amy Johnson is a rockstar! She has tackled some of the most difficult technical challenges to get parents and students online. After school, I have seen her work to assist parents patiently, as well as using her plan time to make connections happen. Additionally, she is always available to help our staff figure out the quirky technology apps and does so without making us feel 'stupid.' She is a natural leader among our staff and has creative ideas to encourage teachers around her. Additionally, she labored over our PBIS plan throughout the Spring and into the summer months and has always been a light among us in developing a Positive School Culture. Amy is someone we can always count on to assist, encourage and lead us to finding the answers. I want to lift her up as the "steady rock" of Chase Elementary School and thank her for her gentle calm when we are riding the waves of this 'new normal.'"

—Shouted out by Dori Lucas, MD/AU Intermediate Classroom, Chase Elementary

Michelle Spaw, Lunchroom Manager, College Hill Fundamental Academy — I Care, I Collaborate, I Commit to Success

"During our remote learning Stephanie has ran all over the district picking up and dropping off meals to the schools that ran out as we fed over 10,000 children on the second meal distribution, she put together a last-minute order for 'same-day pick-up' from our food supplier for all the schools to be successful for the next week meal pack. She continues to over-extend herself to make sure all the schools have everything they need to get the students fed so they can be successful at the start of the day for their education. Stephanie goes above and beyond the call of duty to do her job with a positive attitude, a smile on her face, and without complaining."

—Shouted out by Stephanie Dyehouse, Assistant Supervisor, Student Dining Services

Mary Beth Seither, High School Science Teacher, Oyler School — I Care, I Collaborate, I Commit to Success

Mary Beth Seither's website homepage"Seither has been a tremendous help to our team this year. She created our team website, our team newsletter, and curriculum for her new class — all while helping her co-workers with any type of issue whether it's technical, brainstorming needs, logistical and more. She's also there to remind us to put our masks on when someone enters our room, when we have meetings, to complete our daily self-reporting, to submit paperwork when needed... Need I go on? She's been our fact-checker and agenda-watcher all while doing what she needs to have done for herself. She's a great co-worker and even better friend!"

—Shouted out by Heather Staley, CTE Teacher, Oyler School

Kathy Ripley, Tech Coordinator, Covedale Elementary — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

photo of Kathy Ripley"Kathy Ripley has been the glue to hold us together as we navigate these times of utilizing technologies in new ways, device distribution, troubleshooting with families, and learning to be our best during remote learning. Kathy is one who will work much later than the end of the school day, and puts the needs of families and staff above her personal needs. She does all of this with compassion and empathy. Covedale is so lucky to have her foresight and dedication to our technology and emotional needs."

—Shouted out by Michele Kipp, Principal, Covedale Elementary


John Caliguri and Chris Gibson, Orchestra Teachers, Walnut Hills High School — I Care

John Caliguri works with an orchestra student"John and Chris are driving across the city, going house to house to deliver instruments to their orchestra students and demonstrating proper technique so that they can practice at home."

—Shouted out by Francesca Bownas-Rayburn, Teacher, Walnut Hills High School









All School-based Front Office Staff — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve

"On the first two days of school, front office staff across the district were inundated by phone calls from families eager to have their children log into their classes. In all 10 schools that I visited (and, I'm sure, in many more), secretaries were unflappable, kind, innovative, and helpful. As a result, the district saw a significant rise in students logged into their classes and ready to learn!"

Shouted out by Dean Blase, Director of School Leadership, Teaching & Learning

Terry Davis, Grants Manager, Curriculum & Instruction — I Commit to Success

"Terry Davis has tirelessly supported our team in developing a compelling grant proposal and ultimately earning a grant to support a new strand of our talent work — and she helped us achieve this success with a smile and positive attitude throughout. Thank you, Terry!"

—Shouted out by Sarah Brody, Director of Talent Development

Rosemary Jane & Kimberly McClain, Technology Queens, ITM — I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"These women have kept me sane. These women have been answering questions, providing Schoology Training as well as other trainings, have worked TIRELESSLY so teachers like me don't feel overwhelmed and get frustrated and give up. These women have made videos, tidbits, created Schoology courses. I will be honest with you, I am crying as I write this because I am so grateful to them. It is really challenging to think about this year without being able to meet my students for the first 5 weeks, maybe longer, without hugging them and knowing that we have unfinished learning to attend to and these two ladies have given me every reason to keep trying, either through Schoology Trainings, answering questions quickly, building me sandboxes — it goes on and on. I wish I had a wonderful gift to give to both of them. They have made countless other teachers' lives better because we all talk about who to go to when we are lost and it is these women!"

—Shouted out by Robin Thierauf, Teacher, Dater Montessori

Joshua Hardin, District Athletic Manager, The Office of Secondary Education — I Care, I Collaborate

"During the pandemic, Josh Hardin initiated the Collaborate and Care Campaign. He organized volunteers who distributed additional food, school supplies, toiletries and others on a weekly basis. His team secured financial donations to assist with purchasing additional supplies for our families."

Shouted out by Shauna Murphy, Assistant Superintendent, The Office of Secondary Education

Tim Elkins, Network Admin, ITM — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Tim has been awesome to work with in procuring devices for our staff. He is always quick to answer requests and find solutions. I am sure he's very busy with other requests, but he's never expressed any frustration and treats us as if we are his only customer."

—Shouted out by Michael Gustin, Business Analyst, Treasurer’s Department

Laura Marsh, Teacher, Frederick Douglass Elementary — I Care, I Collaborate

"Laura Marsh believes in the holistic learning experience for her students. When a child enters the classroom looking sad and discouraged, Laura makes it her priority to take the student aside, and find out why, and makes a consorted effort to find a remedy for whatever is causing the distress in the child's life. Laura is the Team Leader at Frederick Douglass School. During the recent school closure (due to COVID-19), she distributed school 'work packets' to our student's homes, and picked up completed packets. L. Marsh completed training to qualify for a leadership role as a school principal. Laura is committed to success for, not only the students in her classroom, but for all the students at Frederick Douglass School. She stays after regular school hour (when school was in session), to work with students (from other classes), who were struggling academically. Laura's commitment to our students exemplifies the I Am CPS core values, and I am proud to submit this information to nominate her for this honor."

—Shouted out by Shelby Givens-Blackmon, Paraprofessional, Frederick Douglass Elementary

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