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Are there coworkers you know who exemplify the "I am CPS" core values at work? Give them a "Shout Out" and nominate them for an I am CPS award. 

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Denaisha Thomas, Second Grade Teacher, LEAP Academy

I Care

"Ms. Thomas is an incredibly dedicated teacher that is wholeheartedly committed to having high behavioral and academic expectations for students. She has many newcomer EL students in her classroom and she dedicated herself to differentiating curriculum and proving supports for students so they can access grade level work. She goes above and beyond in her instruction and is an exceptional teacher."
Shouted Out by Carmen Hayes, ESL Specialist, LEAP Academy

Polly Nortman, Administrative Assistant, Dater Montessori

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Polly reflects all of the CPS core values. Our school would not work without her. We have a wonderful principal, but Polly is like the engineer—she knows how to do everything, who gets it done, what we need to fill out or do next and where it needs to go. She handles so many things including, being willing to work with me to make new posters and readers for our staff for Wilson's Fundations. She puts students first, collaborating with teachers on how to do field trips and what forms need to be submitted when. She always strives to find the right answer and will ask clarifying questions and get a response for you. She is always committed to accurate answers and aids us in so many ways. She even takes care of two turtles in our office that the kids love to watch. Thank you, Polly!"
Shouted Out by Erika Robin Thierauf, Teacher, Dater Montessori

Julie Harris, Intervention Specialist, Winton Hills Academy

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Julie always puts students first! She often misses lunch or her planning time to make sure that her student's needs are met. She makes sure to check in on her team members when she can, and always takes the time to say something positive. She collaborates with staff and parents to make sure communication is clear, concise and frequent. Julie is always up to learn or try something new with students or staff. Julie strives to be the best every day for her students and has the motivation and drive to help other staff members feel the same way. She is a ray of sunshine and the kids love her!"
Shouted Out by Gina Ottlinger, Intervention Specialist, Winton Hills Academy

Baily Miller, Fifth-Grade Math Teacher, Pleasant Hill Academy

I Care

"Ms. Miller cares about every single one of her students and puts her heart into teaching every day. She is ready to greet her students at her door every single day with a smile and a hug, and goes out of her way to make sure that all students are recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments. She is a fantastic motivational speaker and gets the kids pumped up and excited about learning! Not only does she care about her students, she also cares about her fellow staff. As one of her team members, I know I can come to her at any time with questions or concerns and she is always willing to lend a hand. Ms. Miller is truly a team player who roots for her students at every step of the way, very clearly exemplifying the I CARE value each and every day."
Shouted Out by Robin Griffin, 5th Grade ELA Teacher, Pleasant Hill Academy

Mary Nie, Teacher, Sayler Park

I Care

"Mary Nie cares, collaborates, continuously improves, and is committed to the success of Sayler Park students and staff. Mary involves her students in real world applications by giving them real world experiences in Sayler Park school. She has all of her students involved in so many projects that serve ALL in the school. Her students run the recycling program, they deliver the fresh fruit, they bring trays and the trash can for our preschool lunch in the classroom, AND they deliver our snack each day. Mary involves her students throughout the school in ways too numerous to mention. Mary is preparing these MH students for success in LIFE, not just school. Mary is also a committed coach for several of the sports teams at Sayler Park school and is most definitely committed to winning but more importantly good sportsmanship. Mary continues to improve and grow each day along with the students and staff who are so fortunate to have her as a teacher and colleague."
Shouted Out by Susan Breitenstein, Teacher, Sayler Park

Michael Cabral, History Teacher, Dater High School

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Our school had a major issue with our technology last year, and Mr. Cabral is the one that everyone goes to for help. When we needed to override our computer cart distribution, he stepped up to the plate to coordinate our technology and ensure that we hold high standards on our technology use. He will never turn away another teacher who needs help, brainstorms solutions, does research to make sure we have the best systems and pushes us all to be our best. This is all OUTSIDE of his role as an excellent lead teacher with incredible AP Psych scores! Dater would not be the same without him and his efforts and he does not get the credit he deserves."
Shouted Out by Akshayaa Venkatakrishnan, Teacher, Dater High School

Kate O'Malley, Intervention Specialist, Pleasant Hill Academy

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Kate puts all of her students first. She works with a specific population of students and does not let extremely challenging behaviors discourage her. She is always striving to learn and goes above and beyond to make sure her students are successful. She collaborates well with parents, teachers, and administrators. Being a first year teacher and bringing a very positive attitude to work every day inspires all of those around her. Pleasant Hill is very lucky to have Kate!"
Shouted Out by Marie Turnbull, School Psychologist, Pleasant Hill Academy

Paul "Butch" Gibson, My Tomorrow Tech, Hartwell (Various)

I Care

"I arrived at Hartwell School in the afternoon to host a group meeting. Butch was in the main office and when I arrived I explained to the individual at the front desk that I would be needing to borrow a cart (if possible), as I had a car load of items to bring into the building. Butch immediately jumped in, offered to assist and scoured the school for a large cart. He then went to my car and assisted me with loading all of the items and pushed the cart into the school and to the location I needed. He unloaded all of boxes/bags and on his way out, met my coworker, whom he helped bring in things as well. He showed that he truly cared, by going above and beyond and I do not know how I would have managed without him. Thank you is just not enough. He represents CPS and shows that he is there to help those in need. I am so thrilled to be a part of an organization that I can work alongside with employees like Butch, who go out of their way to care and be there in a time of need."
Shouted Out by Adrienne Maka, Culture Specialist, Talent Development

Lauren Roberts and Jakob Snyder, Director of Internal Audit and Intern

I Care

"Lauren and Jakob cleaned up a conference room we had been using for years, by removing the accumulated clutter and flip chart paper from the walls so the room can be used by other groups. This is a task I have wanted to do for months, but haven't found a chance to tackle. They did a great job of organizing things and Jakob even typed up the flip chart information into a Google Doc so that we can easily re-use it. By going the extra mile, they really showed they care about their fellow employees and our workspaces."
Shouted Out by Michael Gustin, Director of Business Technology, Treasurer's Office

Megan Hodge, 3-6 Montessori Teacher, Dater Montessori

I Collaborate

"Megan is someone that I can go to when I need support for my students that are struggling in first grade. She gives me ideas for what to do with them—projects that are accessible on their level, she shares work and she has even opened her room to a student who needed to have some remediation two times a week. I know that I am going to get great advice when I come to her."
Shouted Out by Robin Thierauf, Montessori Teacher, Dater Montessori

Andrea Tapp, Executive Secretary, Superintendent's Office

I Collaborate

"I received an urgent call about a printing issue that was delaying a very important mailing for Transportation. I realized that there was an issue that needed an Executive Secretary's expertise. I immediately started heading down to the Superintendent's Office, but out of nowhere Andrea Tapp appeared like clockwork. I explained the dilemma to Andrea. Andrea went to work and before I knew it everything was fine. Andrea has always been helpful and kind. She is always professional in the ways she carries herself. She is definitely a huge asset to CPS!"
Shouted Out by Dennis Smith, Device Administrator, ITM

Alian Blanton, Paraprofessional, Sands Montessori

I Care

"Alain pours patience, love and kindness into her students and coworkers. She is quick to share a smile or encouraging words. Her amazing whiteboard illustrations make the ELA space outside of her room a cheerful, welcoming place. Thank you for sharing your talents, Alain!"
Shouted Out by Colleen Noble, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Sands Montessori

Kathie Siemer, 4th grade ELA/SS Teacher, Rees E. Price

I Care, I Continuously Improve

"She is constantly striving to help her students succeed not only in school but also in their home lives. She gently nudges them toward success by consistently using real life examples so students have a grasp, she encourages them with love and kindness."
Shouted Out by Lori Todd, Elementary SS Coach, Curriculum 

Lead Secretaries & Senior Support Specialists, ALL Schools

I Care, I Collaborate

thank you cards on a table"In recognition of Principal Appreciation we planned to surprise the Principals during their October Cluster Meetings. We put out the call to Lead Secretaries and Senior Support Specialists asking them to utilize the We are CPS Thank You Card to collect thank you sentiments from their school communities and THEY DELIVERED. Principals received cards, notes and posters from students, staff and partners. Some Principals went back to their buildings to find their office doors, walls and conference tables covered with even more thank you notes. True examples of living out the We Care & We Collaborate Core Values. This is proof that we can do great and mighty things when we come together. Thank you Lead Secretaries and Senior Support Specialists for your partnership. We appreciate you!"
Shouted Out by Rolonda Smith, Employee Experience Manager, Talent Development

CPS Substitute Teachers, Dater High School

I Care, I Commit to Success

"I would like to give a shout out to the CPS Substitute Teachers who proved to the students of Dater that they care & they are committed to the success of safety. With 14 positions open and 11 subs in the building, they successfully navigated a two-hour lockdown — NOT A DRILL — with discipline and compassion. Never having gone through a drill or A.L.I.C.E. training, they followed direct orders, quieted and calmed students, and assured the safety of all in their care! How fortunate CPS is to have them. Thank you, Cincinnati Substitute Teachers!"
Shouted Out by Julie Jencks, Teacher, Dater High School

photo of Brittany BatesBrittany Bates, Kindergarten ELA Teacher, Cheviot Teacher

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Ms. Bates is an enthusiastic leader in our school. She is one of those people who consistently does the right thing even when she thinks no one is watching. But, I've witnessed how she cares for and teaches her students even when the going gets tough. She is a team player who strives to offer not only the best instruction to children but she shares her knowledge so other teachers can be successful. Ms. Bates is self-motivated and is constantly learning how to improve instruction for her students. She's a great teacher!"
Shouted Out by Kimberly Phillips, Intervention Specialist, Cheviot Elementary

Lindsay Hetzel, ESL Teacher, Western Hills University High School

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

classroom with teacher and diverse group of students

"Lindsay Hetzel is an amazing English as a Second Language teacher. This school year she went from being a part-time ESL Teacher at West High to our full-time ESL Teacher, and we are so lucky to have her. Our EL population is growing by leaps and bounds this school year. Ms. Hetzel exhibits I Am CPS core values in the following ways; I Care: Ms. Hetzel makes sure all her students have the needed materials to be successful in the classroom from assigning computers to buying the needed school supplies, as well as clothes and winter coats. I Collaborate: Ms. Hetzel has presented at staff meetings as well as team meetings to help guide general education and special education teachers when they need to make accommodations for our EL students. She also works with the general education teachers to assist with lessons and assessments. She also collaborates with other ESL teachers in the district to get advice on how to continuously improve our ESL program. I Continuously Improve: Ms. Hetzel has brought a lot of technology into the classroom to assist students who are just learning English. She has taught them how to use different apps on their phone Googletranslate and Duolingo to help with their English language acquisition. She spends countless hours translating assignments and assessments for students when the work can't be digitally translated. She continuously adapts to her ever changing student population as well as accommodating students who pop into her room when they need extra support on assignments. I Commit To Success: Ms. Hetzel always has a smiling face and a welcoming classroom. She is always willing to help her students succeed and help her colleagues be successful when teaching our EL students."
Shouted Out by Angie Moore, Intervention Specialist, Western Hills University High School

Jamie Kuhlmeier, Intervention Specialist, Kilgour

I Care, I Commit to Success

photo of Jamie Kuhlmeier"Jamie has a cheerful and positive attitude and always comes to work ready to make a difference. She is a wonderful colleague to collaborate with and is always willing to work with staff to ensure that her students are receiving the best education possible. Jamie is a passionate teacher who truly puts everything she has into preparing her students to be successful in and outside of her classroom. She helps accommodate the changing needs of her students by going above and beyond to differentiate her lessons in innovative ways which allows her students to access the general curriculum. She is committed to putting her students first and is an advocate for her students. She is a leader within her school building and strives to do her best every day, no matter how tough it can get. Jamie deserves to be recognized for her continued effort, commitment and success as an intervention specialist!"
Shouted Out by Jordan Richardson, EVE Intervention Specialist, ECE Diagnostic Team

Sarah Lord and Elizabeth Johnson, Principal and Assistant Principal, Sands Montessori

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success

"Sarah Lord and Elizabeth Johnson, administrators at Sands Montessori, demonstrate the I Am CPS core values of I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve and I Commit to Success. I Care: They work hard to maintain a positive culture at Sands Montessori where students can have equitable access to the supports they need. I Collaborate: They lead and collaborate in a variety of school-based teams to ensure that educational services and data collection are comprehensive and designed with diverse input. I Continuously Improve: They have worked hard with the school to refine the PBIS plan and implement it with fidelity this school year. I Commit to Success: They set reasonable, high expectations for the school to achieve goals and continuously improve."
Shouted Out by Makenzie Morse, School Psychologist, Department of Student Services

Stephanie Wiggins, Ty Rice, Mary Pat Yater, David Maina, LaRita Cornet, Treasurer's Office

I Commit to Success

"During a very hectic time of staff leaving and on sick leave, these women and David stepped it up to help out — whether it was entering invoices, calling vendors or just lending a helping hand where needed. Thank you!"
Shouted Out by Teresa Campbell, AP Supervisor, Treasurer's Office

Sheronda Harris, Long Term Sub, Roll Hill

I Care, I Collaborate, I Commit to Success

"I would like to shout out Sheronda, who has exhibited the I Care, I Collaborate and I Commit to Success core values."
Shouted Out by Peter Harris, Security, Sands Montessori

Dan Ley, School Psychologist, Department of Student Services

I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve

"Dan demonstrates 'I Care' through taking the time to assist new Head Start ECE team members in understanding procedures. He has provided us with resources and has always been available to answer questions. Dan demonstrates 'I Collaborate' through taking the time to hear team members input regarding procedures and scheduling monthly case coordination meetings so that we are all on the same page. Dan demonstrates 'I Continuously Improve' through utilizing new resources to enact positive changes in the procedures to improve the team's service delivery."
Shouted Out by Makenzie Morse, School Psychologist, Department of Student Services

Custodial Staff, Parker Woods Montessori

I Commit to Success

"Our custodial staff has worked so very hard to assist in making our school look as beautiful as possible. We can see our reflection in the floors because they are that reflective. They managed to do this even though we had so many people in and out of our building almost all summer."
Shouted Out by Nicole Lindsey, Librarian, Parker Woods Montessori

Customer Care Center, Education Center

I Care, I Collaborate

"The Customer Care Center Team goes above and beyond every day. They receive and address parent questions and concerns with grace and a smile. This group truly embodies the I am CPS spirit of I Care and I Collaborate. The line was so long yesterday that it bottlenecked into the main hallway. But these ladies never broke a sweat — they pressed on. From Ms. Donna to Kelly at the front desk to Kathy on the switchboard to Marcene, Christl, Angela, Pat and Sherri — with each one enrolling students to fill seats in the classrooms. During this busy season, they are staying late and working weekends to ensure OUR enrollment stays up. Hats off to Leslie and Jeneen for the team spirit you have created. It matters and it shows!"
Shouted Out by Rolonda Smith, Employee Experience Manager, Talent Development 

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