Employee Stories

It's Who We Are ... It's What We Do
Josh Hardin, CPS Athletic Director and an outstanding example of the 'I am CPS' core value: I Continuously Improve.

Inspiration From Your CPS colleagues

I Care

Carmen Bray — Cook and Food Service, Bond Hill Academy I am CPS. (YouTube Video)

Meet Lekendalle Heights CPS' assistant supervisor of operations I am CPS. (YouTube Video)

Meet Brandy BynumCPS paraprofessional I am CPS (YouTube Video)

Marie Kobayashi

Krista Taylor

I Continuously Improve

Josh Hardin — CPS Athletic Director I am CPS (YouTube Video)

Brandon Clark

Paul Daniels

I Collaborate

Jacqueline Hammersmith  — Psychologist, Woodward Career Technical High School I am CPS. (YouTube Video)

Oyler School Team

My Tomorrow Team

I Commit to Success

Jorena Phelps — CPS Assistant School Community Coordinator — I am CPS. (YouTube Video)

James Boyd

Brady Metz